Area F: User Support, Training, and Outreach
Claudia Draxl
Prof. Dr. Claudia Draxl
Area Leader
Martin Aeschlimann
Prof. Dr. Martin Aeschlimann
Deputy Area Leader
Ahmed Mansour
Dr. Ahmed Mansour
Area Coordinator

Goals of Area F

The tools and infrastructure developed by FAIRmat need to meet the needs of the scientific community and be easy to adopt. 

FAIRmat Area F provides information and training and reaches out to the community for ideas and feedback, which it then returns to Areas A-E. Our main goals are:

  • Inform, involve, and embrace the community by providing FAIRmat training materials and tutorials as well as contributing at wider workshops and conferences.
  • Foster understanding among researchers at all levels how and why a FAIR data infrastructure opens new horizons for their research and for science in general.
  • Collaborate with the DPG and other NFDI consortia.

Diagram showing FAIRmat Areas, Area F highlighted.


News from Area F

Tasks in Area F

F1: Community Building and Support
R. Pentcheva, M. Dreyer, K. Helbig

F2: Training, Schools, and Workshops
C. Baldauf, M. Aeschlimann

F3: Outreach Activities and Cross-cutting Topics
E. Runge, V. Coors, S. Auer