Area B: Experiment
Heiko Weber
Prof. Dr. Heiko Weber
Area Leader
Christoph T. Koch
Prof. Christoph T. Koch, PhD
Deputy Area Leader
Sandor Brockhauser
Dr. Sandor Brockhauser
Area Coordinator

Goals of Area B

In Area B, concepts for a FAIR research data management for experiments in the realm covered by FAIRmat are developed. A first step is to describe a number of established methods of solid-state characterization in such detail that the research data systematically contain all data and metadata necessary for detailed comparability of experiments.

Our mission is to expand and gradually include as many experimental methods as possible by providing guidance to the scientific community and instrument developers. Essential elements of our work are the developing of field-specific systematics of data and metadata (ontologies), driving standardization, linking with electronic laboratory notebooks, and supporting the needs of the scientists. 

In this way, we aim to build a complete research data management cycle for experimental solid state physics and the physical chemistry of solids.

Diagram showing FAIRmat Areas, Area B highlighted.


News from Area B

Tasks in Area B

B1: Electron Microscopy and Spectroscopy
C. Koch, E. Spiecker

B2: Angle-resolved Photoemission
L. Rettig, M. Aeschlimann

B3: Core-level Spectroscopy
W. Hetaba

B4: Optical Spectroscopy
M. Grundmann

B5: Atom-probe Tomography
D. Raabe, M. Kühbach