NOMAD Laboratory


May 27, 2021

Monthly FAIR-DI colloquium starting October 2021

Monthly FAIR-DI Colloquium starting October 2021

Starting on October 7, there will be a regular FAIR-DI colloquium held on the first Thursday of every month. The colloquium will be arranged in a hybrid format, typically centred at the HU Berlin. It covers topics in the wide field of building, running, advancing, and using a FAIR data infrastructure for condensed-matter and chemical physics of materials. More information can be found here: https://www.fair-di.eu/events/fairdi-colloqium.


SHU-MGI - FAIR-DI Workshop 2021 on FAIR-Data-Driven Materials Research (June 17, 2021)

As a kick-off event, a workshop on FAIR-Data-Driven Materials Research will already take place on June 17. The association FAIR-DI e.V. and the Materials Genome Institute (MGI) of Shanghai University (SHU) jointly organize this workshop, confirmed speakers are:

  • Claudia Draxl: Introduction and overview of FAIRmat
  • Markus Scheidgen: Data infrastructure and the NOMAD oasis
  • Luigi Sbailo: NOMAD Artificial Intelligence Toolkit
  • Qian Quan: Materials data specification and SHU MGI data platform
  • Yi Liu: Machine learning accelerated computational and experimental materials design
  • Jiong Yang: MIP data infrastructure and the Applications in Thermoelectrics
  • Tongyi Zhang and Matthias Scheffler: Welcome and Conclusions