NOMAD Laboratory


Jun 8, 2020

FAIRDI and FAIRmat sign MoUs with NIST, Shanghai University, and the CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd

To strengthen and expand already existing cooperation, FAIRmat - the materials-science branch of FAIR-DI - has worked out Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with the Materials Genome Program (MGP) at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the Materials Genome Institute (MGI) of Shanghai University, and the CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd in Finland. The MoUs were officially signed in the periphery of the international Conference of a FAIR Data Infrastructure for Materials Genomics (https://th.fhi-berlin.mpg.de/meetings/fairdi2020/).

FAIRmat’s Spokesperson Claudia Draxl says: "We are very pleased with these MoUs. They enable and strengthen great synergies in building a research data infrastructure – nationwide and globally – that follows the FAIR principles. The backgrounds and recent achievements of the different institutions  complement each other in a perfect manner."

Matthias Scheffler, Co-Spokesperson of FAIRmat and Chairperson of FAIR-DI, emphasizes that the cooperation between NIST-Washington, the MGI-Shanghai, as well as CSC-Helsinki and FAIRmat/FAIR-DI have already proven to be very fruitful in the past:

The Director of the NIST Materials Genome Program, James Warren, and the Managing Director of CSC, Kimmo Koski, are members of FAIR-DI’s and FAIRmat’s International Advisory Board. As one of the world’s renowned expert in his field, James Warren supports and advises both entities in their goal to establish a (global) infrastructure that follows the FAIR principles in the fields of computational and experimental materials science, chemistry, and astronomy (FAIR-DI), and with a stronger focus on experimental and theoretical condensed-matter physics in FAIRmat. James Warren as well as Tong-Yi Zhang, the Director of the MGI-Shanghai, recently gave plenary talks at the above-noted conference (June 2020).